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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Michael Levy Music: Orpheus Tamed the Animals

Michael Levy has a new album available! Read his announcement below and click on the links . . .

I am pleased to announce that my new album has just beed released across all the usual major digital music stores today! 

"Orpheus Tamed the Animals: Mythological Music for Ancient Greek Lyre" features meditative, mythologically inspired original compositions for replica ancient Greek lyres & kithara. Here is the link to the album on Spotify:


The album is also available from a whole host of other digital music stores such as Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, TIDAL, YouTube Music, Facebook Music, Pandora etc - do please take your pick! 

For CD quality audio, lossless WAV can also be ordered from Bandcamp:


Just for you, please find attached a free download of track 1, "Hymn to Persephone (Ancient Greek Goddess of the Spring)"

If you like the new tracks, any new album reviews on somewhere like iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, or indeed, any form of online blog or social media share about the album, would be invaluable towards my efforts of 'continuing where the ancients left off'. in continuing to create new music for the recreated ancient lyres of the ancient world - thanks once more, for your continued support in my ongoing musical mission!