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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Michael's Chronicles: Grand Junction Food Poisoning

I haven't had much time to do blog writing these days, as anyone who wanders onto this page will quickly notice. My brother Michael is a heck of a lot more prolific with the writing these days than I am. He travels all over the country selling hardwood drums and playable furniture at high-end art fairs. He's got stuff to talk about, so he's up and I'm not. Maybe that's for the best? Anyway, here's the newest from Michael Thiele, Hardwood Music craftsman.

July 9
Grand Junction
Food Poisoning

I am perplexed
Who got to my chicken
And made it suck?
Who got to my belly
And turned it to funk?

Minding my own business
Like I always do
Taking a little break between shows
Shining up my sneakers
For the upcoming event

The chicken salad looked good
Just sitting there and calling my name
“Psst,” it said. Hey you……
Come over here and bite me”
Shoulda known better
Who talks like that?

Puke sucks
Especially on a Monday
Most other days too
And why do they call it “The Runs.”
We all know what it is

So I’m looking for the witch doctor
The guy with the voodoo pins
Who stuck em in my salad doll
And turned my evening all fowl
He better watch out

I’m not vindictive
I don’t get mad and I don’t get even
But true as hell
Like an oil soaked two by four
Guaranteed not to bend, crack
Peel, splinter or warp
I will balance this, trust me
Someone will pay

Better today……