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Saturday, December 14, 2013

King David's Chanukah Wish List

Back in the dim, dusty days when I worked in the music department in Borders, I talked with a customer who was especially fond of harp music. “I love the harp more than King David!” he announced, happily. I was able to hook him up with several harp albums that day, but I wish we had stocked albums by Michael Levy. That customer would have gone into the stratosphere if he could have heard Michael's music.

Now you can hear it for free! Click the links! Write reviews! Get cracking!!!

A MASSIVE Christmas Present For All My Fans!

A MASSIVE CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR ALL MY LYRE MUSIC FANS!!! For a limited time, absolutely EVERY one of my 23 releases since 2008 is available for FREE (or as much as anyone thinks my music is worth!) from Bandcamp! If the "free" option is selected, all I would kindly ask in return, is to post a review of the album or single on either iTunes or Amazon..and to spread the word about my little-known lyre music to the rest of the unsuspecting world...

Here is the link to my Bandcamp Page:

Seasons Greetings, Everyone!

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