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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Lyre 2.0 Project

Michael Levy has been busy lately, as you will see when you follow the links below. Read about his hopes to bring the beautiful music of the ancient world to modern audiences, and his collaboration with a family of instrument makers in Greece!

The Lyre 2.0 Project 

I am delighted to announce an exciting new collaboration entitled "The Lyre 2.0 Project", between myself and the specialist ancient Greek lyre makers

The essential concept of the "Lyre 2.0 Project", is our shared vision of reintroducing the beautiful lyre of antiquity back into our much less beautiful, bland, modern world.

As my own contribution to this unique collaboration, I have written a booklet outlining the history of the lyre, lyre playing techniques, the unique characteristics of the ancient Greek modes, notated my arrangements of music for solo lyre (featuring some original ancient Greek melodies and a selection of my own compositions in a selection of some of the original ancient Greek modes) and I will be recording a CD to accompany the booklet of notated music, capturing the evocative and haunting ancient timbre of "The Lyre of Apollo III" model which Luthieros custom made for me. The CD and booklet will be included with each beautiful lyre sold. I will also soon be compiling a series of special tuition videos for the lyres made by Luthieros.

Luthieros are comprised of members of the Koumartzis family of specialist musical instrument makers, who are based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Their inspirational project recently featured in an article in "Lifo Magazine" - one of the most widely read cultural magazines in Greece!

Their vision is one I share and which continues to inspire me - maybe, some day soon, the beautiful lyre of antiquity will once again resonate the bland modern world with its haunting, ancient beauty... 

For full details, please see my brand new webpage dedicated to this project, which also features my new and ever growing Youtube 'Lyre 2.0 Project' playlist, which features all my 'live' performances (from my strangely kitchen-shaped 'amphitheatre'!) on this beautiful and evocative lyre:


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