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Thursday, October 29, 2015

More Crappy Self-Promotion (and a Change of Font)

Way back in August, when I certainly should have been on top of the situation, my writing again appeared in CLARKESWORLD magazine – and I failed to tell anyone about it. Despite that, my story (technically a novelette) “The Servant” has managed to get some recommendations for the Hugo award. Since “The Servant” started out as an idea for a novel, I've placed it on the front burner and am now ambitiously expanding and developing it into what will eventually be a 125,000-word book. Shazzam. (Shazzam is not the title of the book; it's just a mild, happy expletive with old comic book roots.)

In the same issue of CLARKESWORLD, I also have a nonfiction piece, “Hipsters of Zombieland.” You lovers of all things zombie, please visit and counter the one comment on the page that was penned by a zombie-hater. Unless you hate my article. In which case, never mind . . .

And yes, this is a new font: Chalkboard. Apparently quite a few people hate Comic Sans. (Just about everyone but me, it seems.) Granted, you may have a tough time telling the difference between the old font and the new one, but to me it seems less wiggly. In fact, this is the way I wish I could write with the raw paw (mechanically). Of course, that's how I felt about Comic Sans, too. So my judgement is still questionable.

Fall is coming to Phoenix, which means that the temperature has dropped into the 80s (Fahrenheit) instead of the 100s. Work here at Casa Devenport/Hogan proceeds apace. A lot of failure is mitigated by a few successes, so we are encouraged to continue. I hope you are too.

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  1. More Crappy Self-Promotion


    Sent this comment some time ago, but don't think it arrived. The account I used "google" has disappeared.

    It was just to let you known two more of your stories have been published one in http://www.cicadamag.com/thisissue/mayjune-2016

    The Cat at the End of the World
    by Emily Devenport

    "Things were disappearing from her house, several items at a time."

    the other in


    Now is the Hour
    by Emily Devenport

    I use my google account for getting "alerts" I first used it to find authors who'd disappeared. Such as yourself, Simon Hawke and Adam Diment. Both yourself and Simon have turned up. Adam wrote in the seventies and after four books just disappeared. All I can find on him is web sites with people who claim to know him now, but they contradict each other.