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Monday, December 5, 2016

A Holiday Release, a Recreated Kithara, and the Hurrian Hymn

Michael Levy has a new album out in time for holiday gift-giving! Follow the links and get to ordering!

Kithara of the Golden Age
I am pleased to announce the release on all major digital music stores and streaming sites, of my new album, "Kithara of the Golden Age". The sequel album to "The Ancient Greek Kithara of Classical Antiquity", this album also features the wonderfully recreated kithara of the Golden Age of classical Greece, complete with its reconstructed 2,500 year old vibrato mechanism, handmade in modern Greece by Luthieros:


The album features original compositions in the original ancient Greek modes, in the wonderfully pure just intonation of antiquity.

Since the kithara is so suited to accompanying the human voice, although I am by no means a professional singer, as in my previous album featuring the kithara, I have added simple vocal lines, to hopefully provide an evocation of how the kithara once may have accompanied the singing of the professional musicians of ancient Greece.

Here is the brand new webpage I have just this minute created, featuring the free download link of the PDF booklet of detailed album notes, my first 'promo' video for the album now on YouTube and all the main purchase links on both the major digital music stores and streaming sites:

Any new album reviews on any of the major digital music stores would of course be like a 'libation to Apollo' in aiding my daily efforts as an 'independent artist', to honestly promote my lyre music to the rest of the unsuspecting world - please feel free to share with the rest of the known universe...thanks for you continued support in my ongoing musical mission, everyone!

Finally, in closing, during my recent updating of my website, I have also recently posted a brand new news bulletin, documenting the incredible chain of global events which have occurred, since one miserable February evening in 2008, I decided to upload my first YouTube video of my arrangement for solo lyre of the 3,400 year old Hurrian Hymn, the oldest fragment of written music so far discovered, in human history - as recently featured in the Daily Mail, Fox News network, Classic FM and even in the NME mainstream pop and rock magazine:

Amazing what magic can be conjured, from nothing more than a miserable 10 quid mono PC mic and quite possibly, the oldest known webcam in human history!

Season’s greetings, everyone - warmest wishes from the freezing UK!

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