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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Michael's Chronicle: Six

 Michael Thiele is a woodsmith who makes musical instruments and playable furniture. He spends most of his life either in the shop or out on the road buying wood and selling his work at craft shows. In recent years, his travels have begun to inspire his own writing, so he sends me his thoughts.

Jan 13
At the show……..

It was those pop bottle thick glasses that first caught my attention. I asked her age and she quietly replied, “six.” I wondered how one so young had vision so challenged. Six. She seemed transfixed by the instruments but when I asked her if she would like to play she said “No,” she just wanted to listen. Her mother was gently urging her to move along, as there was “more of the show to see.” But the girl was hearing nothing of it. She closed her eyes. It was a moment where vision didn’t matter. And I was there. I got to see it all.

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