[The Night Shifters is] a fascinating ride. The voice feels a lot like Neil Gaiman. This is a huge compliment in my mind, and one not to be taken lightly.” - Melinda VanLone Reviews

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Night Shifters

Just a brief announcement here – I've published my new novel on Smashwords: The Night Shifters (by Emily Devenport). Smashwords will feature it on their site, but (best of all) they have converted the document to different formats and will distribute it to other online vendors like amazon and Sony. My next blog will describe the steps I had to take to reach this point, and profile the professional folks who helped me along the way with cover art, editing, and document conversion. I hope to have an audio version available soon – that bit of techno-wizardry is still making my head spin.

Please take a look at The Night Shifters – I opted for the sampling feature, so you can read up to 50% of the book and decide whether you like it enough to shell out the $.99 cover price. It's a humorous Urban Fantasy that puts a whole new spin on the advice that you should never give up on your dreams . . .

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