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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Forget the Cartoon History of the World -- It's the Podcast History of the world!

Devoted history/music fans can tune into the history of the world in this nifty podcast that features Michael Levy's ancient lyre music. Just click on the links below . . .

My Lyre Music Featured in Rob Monaco's New "Podcast History of the World" Series!

I am pleased to announce that my arrangement for solo lyre of the timeless ancient Greek melody, "Epitaph of Seikilos" (from my recent release"A Well Tuned Lyre - The Just Intonation of Antiquity"), has been featured in Rob Monaco's new "Podcast History of the World" series, on the emergence of the ancient Greeks.

These fascinating free iTunes podcasts by Rob Monaco are a great way of bringing my recreation of the music of antiquity to a whole new global audience, who also share my passion for ancient history. 

The podcast featuring my lyre music can be freely downloaded here:

Please "spread the word"! Many thanks, everyone, for all your invaluable support, in helping me in my relentless mission, to "get my music out there"...

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