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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Every Roman Bath Should Have At Least One Lyre Guy

Time once again to head on down to the Roman Baths and get your fix of lyre music from Michael Levy! And if you don't live in the U.K., remember you can download or order his albums. Follow the links and fix the date in your head . . .

Live Lyre Concert at the Roman Baths!

Sit laus Deo Apollini! For the third year in succession, I will be having the pleasure of playing my lyre, live at the world famous Roman Baths at Bath Spa! This concert and talk, held between 8pm - 10pm on Friday 16th May 2014, will form part of the annual "Museums at Night" festival.

I will be performing at the amphitheatre below the incredibly evocative Gorgon's Head at the Temple Pediment of Sulis Minerva - from my experience of playing here for the previous two years, I have discovered that this particular position in this amazingly preserved building provides the most incredible natural reverb, with the sound of my lyre literally bouncing off all the walls & floors of authentic 1st century Roman stone! This has just got to be the most incredible venue to attempt to bring back to life the lost music of ancient Rome...
I will also be giving talks in between my recital, all about how my obsession with the lyre & ancient music first began, the fascinating historical background & research behind my attempts to bring back to life the music of antiquity, as well as a demonstration of some fascinating ancient lyre playing techniques which I have used in my many recordings.

All the details, including times, ticket prices and the venue, can be found in the newly updated "Calendar" section of my website:

http://www.ancientlyre.com/calendar/The incredible Great Bath will also be torch-lit and there will be a bar - I shall look forward to hopefully meeting some of you lovely lyre music fans there on the night!

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