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Monday, September 7, 2020

Michael Levy News: New Collaboration!

Michael Levy has kept busy during this semi-plague and has new connections with interesting entities. Read his announcements below and follow the links.

New Collaboration with the Ancient History Encyclopedia & a 'Latter-Day Miracle' from Brazil's First Temple of Antinous!

Dear Loyal Lyre Fans, 

Firstly, I am delighted to announce the official start of my collaboration with the Ancient History Encyclopedia - whom I have given permission to feature my ancient-themed lyre music in each and any of their audio presentations, podcasts & video productions, in perpetuity - the nearest I can get, to a record company, for getting my music out to the 'potentially receptive, niche global target audience'!

Here is a list of some of the Ancient History Encyclopedia podcasts and YouTube videos recently produced, which feature my music:

Daily Life in Ancient Mesopotamia

Dogs in the Ancient World


Greek Mythology

The Life and Death of Ancient Cities - Interview with Author Greg Woolf 


The Minoans: A Civilization of Bronze Age Crete

The Mycenaeans: A Civilization of Bronze Age Greece

Secondly - I finally have some actual video footage from the premiere of Rufus Wainwright's epic second opera, "Hadrian" -  featuring his arrangement of my ancient tyre theme, "Hymn to Zeus"  in Act II Scene IV!

How I finally managed to acquire this video footage was almost like divine intervention from Antinous himself! After learning the awful truth, that my laptop screen capture app miserably failed to record the one-off "Watch Party" livestream of the premiere on 10th August & after pleading on Twitter, if anyone else out there had recorded it, I was contacted by an actual latter-day Priest from Brazil's First Temple of Antinous...who finally enabled me to see the opera; almost 2 years after the premiere in Toronto!!! The best things in life, are certainly those worth waiting for...

My Lyre Theme - in Rufus Wainwright's HADRIAN

Wishing you all health, happiniess...and the continuation of sanity, during these troubled times (towards this goal, please enjoy the meditative mood of your free bonus track, "The Scented Gardens of Alcinous" - track 1 from my 2020 album of the same tiitle; actually recorded, produced & released during the peak of the pandemic here in the UK). Thanks once more, for your continued & invaluable support in my musical quest.


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