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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another Live Gig, With Roman Cuisine

Check out Michael Levy's Calendar section on his blog for the date of his next live gig – I'm sure he's just kidding about the stuffed door mouse . . .

My next live lyre gig at the British Museum!

I have just this minute confirmed another last minute live lyre gig at the British Museum! I will be providing live lyre background music, to set the mood for the a three-course meal inspired by Roman cuisine from "The Classical Cookbook" by Andrew Dalby and Sally Grainger.

With its subtle mix of sweet and sour flavours, its fragrant herbs, cheesecakes and red wines, the cuisine of the ancient Mediterranean is sure to whet the appetite of every modern gourmet.

Sample authentic recipes, translated and adapted for modern dining. The authors will give a short introduction to the dishes, painting a vibrant picture of living, wining and dining in the ancient world.

£35, includes glass of Prosecco on arrival, booking essential

Full details about this event can be found here and also in the "Calendar" section of my website. 

Hope to see you all there...I hope someone saves me a suitably stuffed door mouse! 

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