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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Snappin' and Pluckin'

Michael Levy has a couple of new announcements to make –follow the links and discover the beauty of ancient music!

My CD "King David's Lyre; Echoes of Ancient Israel" has made it to King David's Lyre...in Israel!

A fan of mine from Australia who bought a copy of my CD, "King David's Lyre; Echoes of Ancient Israel" was on a recent vacation in Jerusalem and has just kindly sent me the most utterly awesome photo...of my CD cover on the famous sculpture in Jerusalem, of King David's Lyre - this photo has surely got to be the best tribute to my debut album of 2008 - ever! 

To see the said utterly awesome photo, please click here to see this cryogenically cool news bulletin!

As this may well be about the nearest I may ever get to actually being in "The Promised Land" on my ever-struggling musician's 'income', THIS PHOTO JUST MADE MY DAY!! 

Pluckin' GREAT!!

I have finally got some of my best tracks registered in a new compilation with a genuine Music Library!

The organisation who contacted me was SRL Networks...maybe someday soon a major company like Felt Music might also take a sniff of my niche market releases for solo lyre & then the use of my tracks in every ancient themed movie & historical TV documentary in the known world??? Watch this space!! 

My brand new SRL Networks compilation is also available to hear & share on Spotify:

NB! If there are any more tracks any of you lovely lyre fans out there would like me to add to this existing SLR compilation, do please let me know!! 

This is certainly a step in the right direction in the hope of "living the dream" of someday actually being able to make some sort of living out of my love of lyre pluckin'! 

Indeed, in my daily struggle to 'get my music out there', sometimes I feel the actual anguish of Orpheus...I am but a humble musician and not a salesperson, so when it comes to promoting my musical wares to the rest of the unsuspecting world, (apart from my thankfully ever-growing web presence!), I really haven't a clue who to contact and how!

What I really really need to find, is a specialist music agent, preferably in the UK, but anyone with the necessary know how will do!

Therefore, does anyone out there know anybody who knows anything about how to further my cause? Any help, whatsoever, would be most gratefully appreciated! Many thanks, everyone...

The photo at the top of this post is from Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, offered up because, like Michael, I will likely only visit Israel through books and the internet, and from the photos I've seen of it, parts of Israel look like parts of Utah.

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