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Sunday, June 1, 2014

S'cuse Me While I Kiss This Lyre

Follow the links below and listen to Michael Levy's alternate history take on modern music. What if the lyre had not been replaced by the fretted lute . . . ?

21st Century Lyre Music?

Sadly, in the Western world, from the end of the Dark Ages, the wonderful lyre of antiquity was gradually replaced by the fretted lute, until the guitar as we know it became the standard accompaniment to virtually all of modern Western popular music...

In my brand new series of somewhat surreal "cutting edge" Youtube videos,"21st Century Lyre Music?", I wanted to explore an "alternative Universe", in which what may have happened if it had been the fretted lute family of instruments which had fallen into oblivion in the West, and instead, the magical Classical lyre of antiquity had continued to have been played into the 21st century? These videos are therefore dedicated to dragging the lyre of antiquity kicking & screaming (in some cases, literally!) into the 21st century musical experience...

The video playlist below features performances of a selection of both my original compositions and a spontaneous improvision, using a palette of 21st century effects, ranging from FLANGER, AUTO WAH, DISTORTION & PHASER REVERB!! 

In this "alternative Universe", I wonder if the late great Jimi Hendrix might have, instead, SET FIRE TO THE LYRE??? Hope you enjoy the music...

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