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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Roll Over, Mendelssohn!

Michael Levy's music is popping up in some wonderful places. Click the link to discover how one wedding party turned their ceremony into a truly beautiful musical memory.

Roll over, Mendelssohn!
 My music will soon be as popular as his iconic 'Wedding March' - I quite literally just stumbled across a video of a Roman-themed wedding somewhere in the USA, featuring my very own Roman-themed music...this could also quite possibly fire a canon into Pachelbel's Canon!

The video featuring track 1 from my album "Ode to Ancient Rome" being played as the bride and groom move towards the site of the suitably sacred ceremony:

This is certainly a step in the right direction to reintroducing the ancient spirit of Apollo into our soulless, sterile, modern 'musical' world! Let us keep the magical musical spirit of the ancient world burning into our dull 21st century, and way beyond...

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