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Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Sack of Troy (The Musical!)


Michael Levy has an “epic” new single out! Follow the links below . . .

The Sack of Troy: Paean for Ancient Greek Kithara

I am pleased to announce the general release on all the major digital music stores and streaming sites of my new single for solo ancient Greek kithara, "The Sack of Troy: Paean for Ancient Greek Kithara"!

In ancient Greek Classical literature, there was a lost ancient Greek epic by the title of "The Sack of Troy" - which was one of the Epic Cycle, which told the entire history of the Trojan War in epic verse. In creating this new composition for replica ancient Greek kithara, in authentically pure just intonation featuring the intense ancient Greek Dorian Mode, it was therefore my intention to evoke the sort of ancient Greek 'Paean' style melody (an ancient Greek hymn of thanksgiving in the ancient Greek Dorian Mode, to which that lost epic of ancient Greece could have been recited).

This single explores the rhythmic potential of the recreated ancient Greek kithara, by occasionally using the heavier mass of the replica ancient Greek carved bone plectrum as a baton to beat rhythm on the soundboard of the instrument. I also use this piece as a demonstration of the recreated 2500 year old vibrato mechanism of the ancient Greek kithara - handmade in modern Greece by Luthieros.

Here is my brand new webpage about this release, with all the main purchase links and link to the free PDF of the detailed single notes:


The ancient magic of the music of Apollo has once again, been reborn!!!

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