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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Michael Levy Strikes Again!

My last several posts have been about Michael Levy, because many exciting things seems to be happening for him at once. He is a master of the Lyre, with an emphasis on ancient music. My first introduction to this sort of music was the beautiful album, Harps Of The Ancient Temples, and I remain fascinated with it. So here's another happy announcement from Michael. Check out his website! Buy his music! Wallow in wonderfulness!

My First Televised, Live Performance on BBC4!
 Hi Eveyone! I am pleased to announce, that the first episode of Waldemar Januszczak's epic 4-part documentary series, "The Dark Ages An Age of Light"(which features my LIVE, TELEVISED, LYRE MUSIC, in my attempt to evoke the lost music of ancient Rome!) will be broadcast on BBC4 on Tuesday 27th of November at 9pm.
The remaining 3 episodes will follow every Tuesday until the 18th of December - there may also be a bit of my lyre music featured as background music during the series, which I submitted to the producer!
A week after the broadcasts here in the UK, the series can also be viewed all around the world on BBC iPlayer
Below is some unique bonus footage, kindly provided to me by the editor of the series of one of my performances, in which I attempt to evoke the sound of the lost music of ancient Rome:
The track I am playing in the video is "Ancient Visions" from my recently released album "Ancient Vibrations" - filmed here, in the incredibly evocative replica Iron Age Earth House, at the Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre in Dorset, UK.
 I may have finally found some more much needed fame this year, in my efforts to recreate the music of the ancient world...let's hope my television debut will hopefully, someday, lead to the fortune! I thankfully feel I have come a long way, since my voyage in "Musical Time Travel" began, with my first crudely recorded "antique webcam" recordings on my Youtube Channel, back in August 2006!
Kind Regards,

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