Fascinating courtly intrigue and bloody power games set on a generation ship full of secrets―Medusa Uploaded is an imaginative, intense mystery about family dramas and ancient technologies whose influence reverberates across the stars. Disturbing, exciting, and frankly kind of mind-blowing.” ―Annalee Newitz, author of Autonomous

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Well Tuned Lyre

Hi Everyone!

I am pleased to announce the release of my new album, "A Well Tuned Lyre - The Just Intonation of Antiquity" on iTunes & Amazon:
This album features new compositions for solo lyre, a heterophonic development of my earlier composition, "Apollo Lyre Lyre" & my new arrangements  of 5 examples of the actual surviving music of ancient Greece, with my lyre tuned to the beautifully pure just intonation of antiquity...
To download a free PDF Booklet of the detailed album notes, please click on the link here
Please "spread the word"!
Kind Regards,
Michael Levy

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