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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Michael Levy Will Be Featured On BBC 4

My Lyre Music To Be Featured on BBC Radio 4!

I am pleased to announce that my music is to feature on BBC Radio 4!

My arrangements for Biblical lyre, of the Klezmer melodies "Sherele" & "Ale Brider" from my album "Lyre of the Levites", are to be used in a ten-part "Book at Bedtime" series – THE LIARS’ GOSPEL by Naomi Adlerman - set in Roman-occupied Judea. "Sherele" will be used at the beginning of each show & "Ale Brider" at the end...

The first of the 10-part BBC Radio 4 "Book at Bedtime" series to feature the music from my album "Lyre of the Levites", will be first broadcast on 12th November at 22.45. The series can later be heard anywhere in the world, a week after the radio broadcasts on BBC iPlayer!

The full details about his series can be seen in the link to the BBC Radio website here

Please "spread the word"!

Kind Regards,

Michael Levy

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