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Friday, November 30, 2012

The Dark Ages: An Age Of Light

Mistake in the date of my first televised BBC performance!

[Michael Levy offers this slight correction]

Further to my last email campaigin about my first ever televised performance with my lyre on the new BBC4 series, The Dark Ages An Age of Light...

As the first episde was all about the end of the Roman Empire; after receiving a reminder email from the producer about the date of the broadcast of the first episode of the 4-part series, I had assumed that this would be the episode to feature my attempt to recreate the lost music of ancient Rome - after sending out email campaigns to everyone on my mailing lists, over 1000 friends on Facebook (& every family member I could conceive of!), I did not appear in the first episode!!!

I now have the correct details of my first ever live televised BBC performance, direct from the producer herself - my lyre & I will be appearing in Episode 2 of "The Dark Ages An Age of Light" - first broadcast on Tuesday 4th December, 9pm GMT on BBC 4 & a few days later, all around the world on BBC iPlayer.

Just to confirm, direct from the producer, I will be appearing in episode 2 of  "The Dark Ages An Age of Light", entitled "What the Barbarians Did for Us":


Here is a link to one of the outtakes of the film shoot:


They probably won't be using this out take in the series (there is a bit of aircraft noise towards the end of the video, which can be deteced if you listen with headphones!)

NB! More news - tracks from my albums "King David's Lyre; Eches of Ancient Israel", "Lyre of the Levites" & "The Ancient Biblical Lyre" are to feature in the iTunes Podcast show "The Podcast History of Our World" by Rob Monaco within the next few weeks! The free podcast series to use my music, will feature new episodes detailing the history of the


Thank you for your patience, everyone - the best things in life are worth waiting for...

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