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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Those Darned Visigoths

Michael Levy's video clip on BBC didn't go quite as planned, though he did get some background music in (apparently while someone is holding forth about Visigoths). But fear not, you can see the entire clip. Just follow the link Michael sent along.  Here's what Michael has to say about the experience:

Thanks for the moral support - attempting to recreate the music of the ancient world can sometimes be a very frustrating, lonesome task! I just wish the producer had told me the facts...before I launched my mass email & website campaigns about the televised performance!

I might not have had my tantalizingly close live TV performance moment yet, but in the meantime, here is a free download link to the actual HD video file of the bonus out-take of my lyre & I from the music shoot for the BBC 4 documentary series "The Dark Ages An Age of Light" - the clip that the editor decided to leave out of the actual documentary in favour of a relatively rubbish 43 second clip of barely noticeable background music (during incessant waffling monologue about the Goths & Visigoths etc, towards the end of epsiode 2!!):


I will also be sending the link to everyone subscribed to my website mailing list.  If you are able to "spread the word" about this free video download link, this would be greatlly apreciated - so that some day, somehow, my retro lyre & I will transform the miserable modern world into a whole new 
dimension of meaningful mellowness...BRING IT ON!!! ;o)  

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