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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ringy-Dingy Lyre Thingees and the Wisdom of Minerva

BBC Radio has once again displayed its good taste by sampling Michael's Levy's music for a production about the history and science of music. And as if that weren't enough, now you can get that music for your Android phone! Follow the links below . . .

All my albums will soon be on Google Play!

In my ever-increasing efforts to get my lyre music "out there", I was delighted to discover that CD Baby has now partnered with Google Play - soon enabling the download of absolutely every one of my albums on any new-fangled android mobile phone on the planet!

Here is the link to my albums currently available on Google Play:

All the rest of my more recent releases (including "The Ancient Roman Lyre") will also be available from Google Play very soon - the best things in life are worth waiting for!


My Lyre Music on BBC Radio 4!

After finally figuring out the monumental task of registering with the Performance Rights Society, each and every one of my tracks from each and every one of my 23 album/single releases since 2008, I was very pleased to discover, when viewing my first airplay statement, that music from my album "Ode To Ancient Rome" was recently featured on BBC Radio 4!

The track featured was "The Wisdom of Minerva", and it was used at the start of episode 12 of the 30 part series by Matt Thompson, "Noise: A Human History".

A free podcast of this broadcast can be heard here
Please feel free to share this link with the rest of the known UNIVERSE! Many thanks, everyone.

Great to finally be able to know when and where my music is "getting out there"...

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