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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Power and Might of Equal Temperament

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Re-release of my Masterfully Re-mastered 2009 Album!

I am pleased to announce the re-release on iTunes of my masterfully re-mastered 2009 album, "Lyre of the Levites"! The new release is now called"Lyre of the Levites: Klezmer Music For Biblical Lyre"... 

Produced by Dominik Johnson, this album features awe-inspiring reverb sampled from actual Middle Eastern caves, totally transforming the original 2009 recording of my lyre!

Clips of the original 2009 version were used as the theme music to the BBC Radio 4 "Book at Bedtime" series, "The Liars Gospel" by Naomi Alderman.

This is about the only one of my earlier recordings (before I had the means of tuning my lyre into just intonation), that the use of equal temperament is actually an improvement - in the new masterful mix, the subtle out of phase "shimmer" of equal temperament actually has the effect of making the sound of my lyre take on the power & might of a Cathderal Organ! 

Here are the main download links for the album:

NB!! Any new reviews of the album on iTunes or Amazon would be VERY greatly appreciated...thanks, everyone!

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