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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bandcamp Goodies And Children's Stories

Here are more freebees and fabulosities from the lyre of Michael Levy. See the links below . . .

Free Bonus Features Now Available For All Downloads of My Lyre Albums on Bandcamp!

I am pleased to announce that there are now unique free bonus features available for downloads of all my lyre album releases, only available on Bancamp!

Bandcamp is a little known but incredibly versatile digital music download store, specifically designed for the unsigned artist. Bandcamp not only offers downloads cheaper than both iTunes & Amazon (just $7 for an LP album, compared with $9.99 for a standard iTunes LP, or $8.99 for Amazon), but also offers the best audio quality - either amazing lossless audio files,identical to the original quality studio recording mix (e.g. 24-bit WAV of FLAC audio files) or broadcast quality 320kbps quality MP3s.

Not only this - for all my albums on Bandcamp, there are now 2 totally free bonus features included for each & every album download! These free bonus features are:

1. The detailed, fully illustrated PDF booklet of album notes of all the essential historical background & research behind each of my albums.

2. A free download of the HD video of my lyre playing as filmed by the BBC - the sadly missing outtake from episode 2 of the BBC4 series, "The Dark Ages An Age of Light" - which after an entire day of filming, for the final cut of the episode, they only used a meagre 40 second clip of "audio only" of my lyre playing, recorded during the film shoot!

Here is the all important link to my albums on Bandcamp:

For anyone who really want to show their appreciation of the daily struggle of us unsigned artists, there is also an option to pay a tip! Only on Bandcamp, there is an option to chose to pay more than the standard $7 download price offered - the more appreciative purchaser of my albums on Bandcamp can chose to pay whatever they think the album is actually worth!

If you are all able to share this link with the rest of the known Universe, this would be greatly appreciated - thank you all, for your support in my relentless efforts to "get my music out there"!

New CD of Educational Children's Stories - Featuring Tracks From "The Ancient Egyptian Harp"!

I was very pleased to recently hear from Robina Wilson, an author of children's stories, right here in the rainy UK! She wanted to use tracks from my experimental EP "The Ancient Egyptian Harp", for the publication of her unique CD,  "Music in Stories".

This educational CD features stories and instruments from Iraq (oud), Persia (daff), Turkey (kaval), Palestine (rebaba) and Egypt (story 5 - featuring my archaic arched harp - almost identical to the ancient Egyptian Shoulder Harp of the New Kingdom, some 3500 years ago!).

I would be really grateful if you could please kindly show your support to this author & "spread the word" about her CD to any parents, schools or book stores out there, who may be interested in this fascinating collection of stories & world music - here is the link to all the details about Robina's CD:

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