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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Well-Tuned Noodle

Just when you thought the noble noodle couldn't get any classier, Michael Levy scores a spot in a commercial! Here are the links . . .

My Lyre Music is Being Used To Advertise Noodles in America!!

As an unsigned artist, there is "getting my music out there"...& really "getting my music out there" - my lyre music is now being used to sell Noodles throughout the USA!!!

I was very pleased to receive an email from an advertising firm, on behalf of the USA based Noodles Company who wanted to use a short clip of my track "Music of the Celestial Spheres" from my recent album "A Well Tuned Lyre - The Just Intonation of Antiqutity" to aid a radio advertising campaign throughout most major grocery stores throughout the USA!

A sneak preview of an MP3 of the forthcoming "serenely surreal" radio advert can be freely downloaded here

Who knows, maybe this time next year, I might be moving on to even greater things, & license my lyre music to sell  Roman toilet cleaning products?? BRING IT ON!!

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