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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jango Radio Airplay

As Kickstarter is for writers and other creative folks, so Jango Radio is for unsigned artists trying to get wider exposure for their music. Michael Levy has a campaign going with links below, so check them out!

Classical music is my favorite genre, and I'll do anything I can to help musicians and composers make the music they love. I'm thrilled that the internet gives we creative folk broader opportunities to gain an audience. Please spread the word . . .

Yet MORE juicy gems of news...I am currently running a Jango Radio Airplay Campaign, in my efforts to gain a more global audience & at last, I am beginning to see the fruits of my labours blossoming - in the last few days, I have had new fans of my music, from as far afield as Venezuela, Dubai, Israel & the Netherlands:


Jango Radio offers the unsigned artist like myself, the unique opportunity for exposure to a global audience, with controllable levels of global airplay, specifically tailored suit the tastes of a audiences who already like a variety of similar-sounding artists to myself, from the World/NewAge/Classical /Early Music genres...

Tracks from my albums are featured in paid airplay, in Jango Stations from similar-sounding, already established signed artists & composers from the World/New Age/Classical genres - these include Ofra Haza, Jean Michel Jarre, Hayley Westenra, Claude Debussy, Enigma, Yanni, Zefir Records Early Music Channel, Yasmin Levy, Dominik Johnson, Enya, Amethystium, Kitaro,Ray Lynch, Loreena McKennitt, Andreas Vollenweider Vangelis & Ravi Shankar.

It was quite a challenge trying to think of artists who sound similar to my lyre compositions & arrangements, but in coming up with the list, what I considered most was not so much the actual sound of my lyre, but the general serene, meditative, contemplative mood/feel I attempt to convey in
most of my compositions & arrangements - all these established artists & composers all seem to tick most of these boxes.

Here is my blog about my discovery of the potential of Jango Radio has for the unsigned artist, in offering the opportunity of global audience:


Thanks once more, for helping me in my relentless mission, to rescue of the forgotten refrains of the lyre of antiquity & strive to see it rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of its dusty, ancient slumbers, to become once more, the vehicle of the sweetest means of musical expression that was once known to Mankind!

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