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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ancient Ring Tones

What kind of ring tone would Plato have? Follow Michael's links below and get one for yourself!

Seriously Serene Lyre Music - For Your Cell Phone!

One of the precious few advantages I have of living in the 21st century CE (instead of BCE...where I more truly belong!), is the ever increasing, new fangled & wonderful ways there seem to be, of "getting my lyre music out there" - it is now even possible to download hundreds of tracks from my albums, directly to your mobile phone!

If you too wish to have a seriously serene, utterly unique ancient lyre music RINGTONE for your mobile phone, it is possible to download one from both Nokia Music & my Reverbnation Store - below are the download links:

Who knows, some day, somehow,  I will get every once annoying mobile phone in the world, ringing to the glorious lyre music of the ancient world...please keep "spreading the word"!!!

also in my latest new bulletin:


Other bits of news - for every new individual out there, who decides to subscribe to the ancientlyre.com mailing list, they now recieve an automatic email of thanks, which includes free download links, to the HD video the outtake of my BBC4 film shoot (which I mercifully managed to wrangle from the BBC!), a free MP3 of a bonus track, "Ancient Lyre Strings" (not featured on any of my album releases) & free download links
to the detailed PDF booklets of my detailed album notes for all of my releases...in the hope that in return, new listeners might hopefully feel like sparing a few moments to rate & review my releases on major digital stores such as iTunes & Amazon - so far, my album reviews are the best means i have of gaining attention, from the rest of the unuspecting world!

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