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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Musical Adventures In Time Travel

I'm delighted to announce that Michael Levy has a new album available, with multiple links for downloading listed below. You fans of the harp, of ancient music, and/or of history – unite and buy this album!

Release of my Second Compilation Album Today!

Five years in the making, I am pleased to announce the release today, of my second compilation album of solo lyre music, "Musical Adventures in Time Travel"! In conjunction with my first compilation album, "Ancient Landscapes", this new compilation was created to provide a broad cross-section of some of my own personal favourite compositions for solo lyre, as originally featured in my many other releases since 2008.

In addition, "Musical Adventures in Time Travel" also features a brand new composition for solo lyre, in the war-like ancient Greek Dorian Mode: "The Battle of Thermopylae" . Here is a link to view a video featuring this track on my Youtube Channel:

This epic 22 track compilaton also includes my brand new arrangement of Dr Richard Dumbrill's magnificant interpretation of the 3400 year old Hurrian Hymn Text H6 - this time, performed on my new hand-made lyre, with natural fibre silk strings, tuned in the wonderfully pure just intonation of antiquity.

The fully illustrated PDF booklet of the detailed album notes can be freely download here.

Below are the major download links for the album:

The physical CD of the album can also be ordered now, anywhere in the world, from Reverbnation:

(Due to the epic proportions of this compilation for the physical CD, I had to remove 2 of the tracks, simply in order to fit them onto a single CD!) 

Please "Spread the Word" - many thanks!! 

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